Q&A with MS&Co.

Q. Socks. Selvedge denim… what’s next?

A. BBQ sauce...

Q. Really though, how did things evolve from loafer socks to this new line of accessories?

A. It's really just about making quality products that are affordable and fulfill a need. When we started making men’s loafer socks, we weren’t happy with the selection that was out there, so we made our own. The same goes for our new line of selvedge sleeves.

Q. So you’re not satisfied with the selection of iPhone and iPad cases on the market?

A. Obviously, there’s a huge selection of cases for phones, etc., but most are cumbersome and flashy. Unless you're rock climbing or playing contact sports with your phone, most situations call for a case that is a little less rugged... something more understated and classic. You should be able to take your phone out of your pocket and set it on the bar and not have someone from across the restaurant ask you if you have the new “Droid of the week."

Q. Why did you decide to use denim as your fabric of choice?

A. Nothing is more classic than raw indigo denim. It goes with just about everything, it's durable and made to last. We’re using a heavyweight 13.5 oz raw selvedge denim that’s thick enough to maintain it's shape and will age uniquely to each owner.

Q. Your denim is from Cone Mills in Greensboro, NC. What about your other partners?

A. When we set out to start this line, we knew from the beginning it was important to have everything made and sourced in the U.S. The denim and wool are made right here in the states, and each sleeve is hand made in Portland, Oregon. We also reached out to our good friends at Thunderwing Press in upstate New York, who did an amazing job with all of our printed materials and packaging.

Q. Oregon has been making some noise in the industry over the past few years...

A. It’s a great place to find inspiration. From Pendleton to Tanner Goods… Archival Clothing. There’s a lot of great brands out here, not to mention some great men’s stores like Winn Perry.

Q. New products on the horizon?

A. Definitely. We’ll be adding MacBook sleeves and camera pouches soon and we’re really excited about the shoe bags we’ve been working on. Hopefully, a collaboration or two in the near future as well.